About The Hag

The Hag herself, standing beside a plaque and fountain outside Edinburgh Castle commemorating the many witches who were burned at the stake.

Hi! I’m Erika and I am a life-long fan of the horror genre.

I’ve always been a really big fan of horror, but since the start of the pandemic, I have obsessively thrown myself into books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows – anything horror related. The fact that I’m immersing myself in such dark content during such a bleak time in history probably says something unflattering about me. You might be thinking, “Are you sure this is healthy? Are you a serial killer?” No, I’m not sure, and no, I am not, I couldn’t even dissect a foetal pig in high school. I had to go sit in the library and my lab partner had to do it all herself. (Sorry, Jessica.) But I digress.

I’m studying Public Relations at Seneca College in Toronto where I live with my partner and our cat, Ned, who you can see featured in the video on my homepage. My other hobbies include knitting, accidentally killing my plants out of incompetence and eating as much Thai curry as I can manage. 

This blog is an attempt to share my passion for horror with other like-minded weirdoes or at least with whomever else stumbles upon this blog. (Hi Mom!)

I’ll be making a post every week on a different piece (or pieces) from the genre, and I’ll be sharing my analysis, a review or some other insights. Sometimes I’ll just talk about personal experiences related to horror. If you have any suggestions for content to watch or write about, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, send me an email or connect with me on Instagram to share your ideas!